Benedikt Hesse CubaNola celebrates 50 years of Miles Davis Bitches Brew and melts New Orleans Funk with Cuban Jazz!

Volker Deglmann – tp, Norman Peplow – p, Juan Camilo Villa – b, Roland Peil – perc, Benedikt Hesse – dr

It was the initial ignition of fusion music. Celebrating the anniversary of the legendary album Bitches Brew, the band plays excerpts of this unique music. In 1969 Miles Davis merged jazz with funk for the first time and integrated electric musical instruments into the previously mostly acoustic music.

The quintet of drummer Benedikt Hesse interprets the repertoire with their own style – a mixture of New Orleans Funk and Latin Jazz.

Yes, there are commonalities between Cuba and New Orleans. Both areas belong to the Caribbean and are connected by the Gulf of Mexico. From 1762 to 1802, the Spanish kingdom ruled the two musical strongholds. Even the administration of New Orleans was located in Havana. Since the turn of the century, both cities have been regarded as exotic places and blazing pavements.

There is also an intersection in the music of the two hotspots: danceable grooves, with characteristic rhythmic figures – called claves – and a deep bow to African culture.

“Benedikt Hesse CubaNola” takes up this connection and shows his audience what it sounds like when Cuban jazz bangs funk on New Orleans. In this way you make the unheard and the unheard audible. The borders of Latin, Jazz and Funk are overcome and 1111 km distance between the two harbours is musically lifted.

“Okras are the ingredients for both Quimbombó (Cuba) and Gumbo (New Orleans). I have known this since 2013, when my attempt to cook gumbo resulted in a skillful quimbombó, which my band colleagues from Latin America confirmed to me. This event was the birth of CubaNola – Cuban jazz bangs on New Orleans funk – and our album “Gumbombò” (Benedikt Hesse).

CubaNola celebrates the music in your new program. With the combination of Latin, Funk and Jazz the band interprets the pieces true to their mission: “New Orleans Funk hits Cuban Jazz!”

“They embody the vital lust of Cuban music with its fiery salsa or rumba sounds.”

— Kölnische Rundschau

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